Wholesale Laundry Supplies

Wholesale Laundry Supplies

With a focus on superior quality and customer satisfaction, ACE Commercial Laundry Equipment Inc. is your go-to source for commercial laundry supplies. Leveraging over 20 years of industry experience, we offer a range of products that enhance your laundry process’ operational efficiency. Choose us for laundry supplies that combine the best cost-effectiveness and consistent quality without compromising performance.

Commercial Laundry Supplies for Every Need

At ACE Commercial Laundry Equipment Inc., we recognize that the demands of laundry operations vary widely, necessitating a tailored approach to each client’s needs. Our comprehensive selection of commercial laundry supplies ensures that every facility, from small local laundromats to extensive healthcare operations, is equipped with the highest quality products. As a leading provider of wholesale laundry supplies, we are dedicated to providing solutions that enhance both the efficiency and the productivity of your laundry services.

Detergents and Cleaning Agents

Our high-quality, commercial-grade detergents are formulated to achieve the cleanest, freshest results possible, even under heavy soil conditions. Ideal for high-volume settings, these detergents break down dirt and stains, ensuring that all types of linens come out looking impeccable. The advanced formulation of our detergents means less product is needed per wash cycle, reducing overall costs and environmental impact. This makes them an essential part of any commercial laundry supply.
Commercial Laundry Supplies for Every Need

Fabric Softeners and Enhancers

To complement our detergents, we offer fabric softeners and enhancers that do more than just soften fabrics. They infuse linens with a gentle, pleasing scent and reduce static cling, which enhances the overall customer experience. Particularly valued in settings where the comfort and satisfaction of end-users are priorities, such as in hotels or healthcare facilities, these products are a staple in commercial laundry supplies.

Stain Removers and Bleaches

Tackling tough stains is effortless with our powerful stain removers and bleaches. Formulated to be safe on a variety of fabrics and colors, these wholesale laundry supplies ensure that even the most stubborn stains are removed effectively without harming the textile. This capability is crucial in maintaining the professional appearance of linens in environments like restaurants and clinics, making these products indispensable in various commercial settings.

Laundry Carts and Storage Solutions

Productivity in a laundry operation isn’t just about the wash process; it’s also about how linens are handled and moved throughout the facility. Our durable and space-efficient laundry carts and storage solutions help keep your laundry facility organized and running smoothly. These tools are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in a busy commercial environment and are critical for maintaining an orderly operation.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Your laundry equipment’s longevity largely depends on regular maintenance and timely replacement of parts. Our inventory includes a wide range of essential replacement parts and accessories, from simple filters and belts to more complex machine components. Having access to the right parts can prevent downtime and extend the life of your equipment, which is why they’re a pivotal component of our commercial laundry supply offerings.

At ACE Commercial Laundry Equipment Inc., we provide more than just products; we deliver comprehensive solutions that enhance the operational capabilities of your laundry services. Our team of experts is always available to provide guidance and support, helping you make informed decisions that ensure you achieve the best possible outcomes from your investment in our commercial laundry supplies.

Coin Operated Laundry Equipment Supplier

Coin Operated Laundry Equipment Supplier
As a leading coin-operated laundry equipment supplier, ACE Commercial Laundry Equipment Inc. provides robust and technologically advanced solutions to various laundry facilities across Southern California.

High-Performance Washers and Dryers

At ACE Commercial Laundry Equipment Inc., our range of high-performance washers and dryers is designed to meet the intense demands of commercial laundry environments, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs:

  • Vended Top Load Washers: Utilize minimal water while maintaining high spin speeds to enhance energy efficiency and operational cost savings.
  • Vended Front Load Washers: Feature Galaxy™ 600 controls that provide advanced cycle modifiers, increasing efficiency and revenue opportunities.
  • Galaxy Washer Extractors: Equipped with eBoost technology that maximizes efficiency, these units reduce utility expenses and enhance the laundry experience.
  • Commercial Tumble Dryers: Known for their fast drying capabilities and efficiency, these dryers balance airflow and heat input to optimize operation and minimize energy use.

These systems are critical for any facility that requires reliable, continuous operation. With these advanced machines, facility managers can focus less on maintenance and more on enhancing their service offerings.

Innovative Payment Systems

Our payment systems are designed to offer flexibility and security, meeting the diverse needs of modern laundry facilities. We provide traditional coin-operated mechanisms as well as innovative digital payment solutions, including:

  • Card Payment Solutions (CCI and LaundryCard): These offer enhanced tracking and security features, making them ideal for facilities looking to upgrade their payment systems for improved efficiency and user tracking.
  • Mobile Payment Options (SpyderWash, Huebsch Command): These systems cater to a tech-savvy audience, allowing payments via smartphone apps, which streamline the user experience and integrate seamlessly with modern lifestyles.
  • KioSoft and PayRange Systems: These solutions offer the latest in electronic payments, providing options for credit card and mobile payments, and are designed for easy installation and user convenience.

By integrating these diverse payment technologies, we ensure that all users have convenient and secure access to laundry services, enhancing the user experience and operational efficiency.

Customizable Options

Our coin-operated machines come equipped with various customizable features that allow operators to tailor them to their specific operational needs. This includes adjustable water levels, cycle durations, and energy-saving settings, which optimize operational costs and cater to the specific needs of different textiles and wash loads. This level of customization helps fine-tune the operations to maximize efficiency and minimize resource wastage.

ACE Commercial Laundry Equipment Inc. specializes in fulfilling your laundry supplies wholesale needs with top-tier products and guidance.  Our commitment to excellence is unmatched, providing you with not just supplies, but a competitive edge in the laundry market. For expert advice or to place an order, contact ACE Laundry today!


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