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Multi-Housing Coin Op Laundry Equipment 

Product Brochures

Brochure Name Huebsch Laundry Equipment Description Category


ah15-0037.pdf  Coin-op Apartment Commercial Dryer Apartment Coin-op
AH15-0035.pdf Commercial Front Load Washer Apartment Coin-op
AH15-0031.pdf Commercial Stack Washer/Dryer Apartment Coin-op
AH15-0040.pdf Commercial Top Load Washer Apartment Coin-op
ah15-0022.pdf OPT Brochure OPL Laundry
ah09-218.pdf Roll Heated Flatwork Finishers OPL Laundry
ah11-0400.pdf Tumble Dryers, 25-45 lb OPL OPL Laundry
ah14-0005.pdf Tumble Dryers, 50-75 lb OPL OPL Laundry
ah13-0006.pdf Tumble Dryers, HT Series, 120, 170, 200 lb OPL OPL Laundry
ah13-0008_.pdf Washer-Extractors with eBoost, OPL Galaxy 400, 200 HC 20-100 lb OPL Laundry
AH15-0032.pdf Washer-Extractors, Softmount 20-70 lb OPL Laundry
AH15-0033.pdf Washer-Extractors, Softmount 90-125lb OPL Laundry

Coin Laundry Product Brochures

Coin Laundry

Brochure Name Huebsch Laundry Equipment Description Category
HuebschDesign.pdf Huebsch Design Book Coin Laundry
ah13-0018.pdf Tumble Dryers, 25-35 and 55 lb Coin-Op Coin Laundry
ah13-0019.pdf Tumble Dryers, 30-45lb Stack Coin-Op Coin Laundry
ah13-0017.pdf Tumblers, 50-75 lb Coin-Op
AH15-0025.pdf Vended Dryer Coin Laundry
AH15-0034.pdf Vended Front Load Washer with Galaxy Coin Laundry
AH15-0026.pdf Vended Stack Washer/Dryer Coin Laundry
ah15-0039.pdf Vended Top Load Washer Coin Laundry
ah13-0009.pdf Washer-Extractors with eBoost, Vend Galaxy 400, 600 HC 20-100 lb Coin Laundry


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