Commercial Coin Operated Dryers for Sale

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The coin-operated dryer has been a great contributor to the advancement of the laundromat industry. With a heavy-duty coin-operated dryer, laundromats require less staff, minimizing the chances of human error and maximizing worker productivity. As an effort to equip clients with high-performing laundromat equipment, ACE Commercial Laundry Equipment is a proud supplier of a complete line of commercial coin operated dryers by the esteemed commercial laundry equipment manufacturer, Huebsch.

Heavy Duty Commercial Dryers

Our commercial coin operated laundromat equipment performs as workhorses of the laundry industry. Our wide selection of Huebsch coin operated dryers were chosen for their longevity, stellar performance, and minimal maintenance needs. Selecting the most suitable coin-operated dryer will prove to be a valuable long-term investment for your operation, whether for rental properties, laundromats, condos, and more. They provide reliable service for multiple loads of drying each day for multi-family housing laundromat facilities, laundromats, and hotel or motel housekeeping services.

We offer a wide array of Huebsch on-premise laundromat equipment in various models, sizes, and features that match your customers’ or service-provider needs. Our commercial dryers dry large loads quickly for a stronger cost-value benefit and are perfectly suitable for the following commercial services:

  • Industrial cleaning operations
  • Coin operated dryers for waterparks and amusement centers
  • Hotels and motels
  • Coin operated laundromats
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Our heavy-duty Huebsch electric or gas dryers commercial dryers have higher drying capacities that are best for commercial operations. At Ace Commercial Laundry Equipment, we provide no less than top-caliber commercial dryers and coin operated washing machines for sale.

Commercial Coin Operated Gas Dryers

The benefits of coin operated dryers powered by gas include cheaper operating costs, faster drying times, and expert installation advice from our customer service team. It is important to note that gas-powered dryers require exterior venting to prevent the buildup of poisonous carbon monoxide gas. We’ll gladly help you convert to gas dryers to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and vent water vapor to prevent damage to your facility’s structural integrity and prevent mold and mildew growth.

As the leading supplier of on-premise laundry equipment, we assure to cover all the bases of your commercial laundry operations. We have over 20 years of experience selling top-grade laundry equipment across Southern California, and we’re a top authorized dealer for Huebsch gas dryers. The benefits of installing coin operated gas dryers include the following:

Commercial Coin Operated Dryers for Sale
  • Dryers equipped with galvanized steel cylinders for longevity
  • Digital display dashboard dryers that eliminate customer confusion
  • High-efficiency exhaust blowers for more efficient drying
  • Metal components for durability instead of plastic
  • Easy coin drop access and high capacity coin storage vaults
  • Many are Energy-Star rated dryers
  • ADA compliant equipment available that ensures handicapped customer access
  • Customers are familiar and comfortable with coin-slide technology

Customers generally prefer self-service laundry operations for a more personalized laundry experience, giving them control to set preferences for each laundry load. With a state-of-the-art coin-operated dryer, you can run an efficient operation with minimal supervision and maintenance.

Commercial Coin Operated Electric Dryers

The benefits of our commercial coin operated electric dryers include larger drying cylinder sizes, significantly reducing drying time. Unlike residential-type dryers that take an hour or longer to dry a load, a coin-operated dryer takes only 40+ minutes for a regular load.

Commercial electric dryers are most suitable for apartment complexes since they don’t require outdoor venting, unlike gas dryers. The higher airflow and BTU ratings make electric dryers the perfect choice for apartment and condo complex laundry rooms.

Commercial dryers have larger drying cylinder sizes, higher airflow, and higher BTU ratings, all of which help reduce drying time and increase the efficiency of the laundry process. A typical home dryer can take an hour to dry a load of terry towels even after a high-speed extract.

The benefits of coin operated electric dryers include:

  • Easy to install in laundry rooms, sporting facilities, commercial kitchens, and laundromats using existing wiring
  • Wide range of models and sizes
  • Lower upfront installation costs
  • Low-maintenance and budget-friendly
Commercial Coin

We carry the complete line of Huebsch commercial electric dryers at reasonable prices with excellent service. ACE Commercial Laundry Equipment can aptly address all your coin-operated dryer needs, whether for multi-housing laundry facilities, apartments, lodging, condominiums, HOA, local swimming spots or water parks, and more.


We hold our clients in the highest regard, so we drive to provide empathetic customer service, installation work, and advice of the highest caliber. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get.

How Does A Coin Operated Dryer Work?

Huebsch commercial coin operated dryers are equipped with superior air circulation technology, maximizing airflow and heat input. The airflow is a critical part of the drying process, which is why your dryers must be vented to improve air circulation. Air is drawn into the dryer through openings or vents outside the housing.

The air is heated and circulated by the action of the drum and a fan or blower. Heated air immediately begins drawing moisture out of the clothing, and fresh air continuously circulates. The heated air helps draw the moisture from the clothing, and the air passes through the lint screen and out of the back of the dryer. The duct that removes the hot air must be free of obstructions to vent adequately.

Some ventless dryers work slightly differently. They draw fresh air into the dryer in the same way, but the air recirculates through a heat exchanger that cools the air, which causes the moisture to condense into a drainpipe. The air is then reheated to begin the cycle again until the time expires.

What Is The Capacity Of A Commercial Dryer?

The capacity of commercial dryers depends on the specific make and model of the dryer, but the average commercial dryer hold anywhere from 25 to 200 pounds of wet laundry. Basically, the capacity of your commercial dryers depends on the cubic volume of the machine’s cylinder. You can calculate the cubic volume by measuring the interior of the cylinder. Multiply pi, or 3.14, times the radius of the cylinder squared. Multiply that total by the height of the cylinder. Keep all your measurements in the same terms like feet, inches, centimeters, etc.

For conversion purposes, small, residential-type dryers have an average capacity of 4 cubic feet. You can usually dispense with the math by knowing that the largest dryers handle up to 9 cubic feet and up to 32 pounds of wet laundry. Your customers can reduce drying time and energy consumption if your washers have the capacity for extra spinning. The G-force of spinning removes more moisture from clothes for shorter drying times.

What Is A Commercial Tumble Dryer?

Commercial tumble dryers come in different styles. Still, the most efficient include commercial stack tumble dryers and large-capacity dryers where the drum rotates, and the paddles lift clothing until it falls back down. Heat pump dryers reuse the hot air created inside the drum, making them more energy-efficient. Condenser dryers collect the excess moisture and store it in a removable tank that needs periodic emptying. Vented dryers add excess moisture to the vented air for dispersion outdoors.

Commercial stack tumble dryers combine radial and axial airflows for greater drying efficiency, and their stackability allows better utilization of available space. This type of dryer also features humidity sensors to protect linen from overdrying and enable full programmability. Commercial stack dryers can raise your facility’s drying capacity by 60 to 90 pounds in rating capacity. All commercial dryers have cycles that save on energy usage and result in better, wrinkle-free drying.

You can also choose from electric-powered and gas-powered models of commercial laundry dryers. You have to select the type of power because you must use either a gas burner or electric burner to dry clothes. There are no dryers equipped with a toggle switch to switch from gas to electric drying because the mechanical requirements of each technology are very different.

How Long Do Coin Operated Dryers Run?

Each owner/operator can usually set drying time and price on most models of commercial dryers. Things to consider before adjusting drying time include the following factors:

  • Knowing how long it takes to dry an average load of laundry is critical, but most dryers take between 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Decide whether to allow low-cost additions to time like a quarter or longer drying cycles.
  • Low-cost additions are pretty universal and expected by your customers.
  • Most customers know how long to dry their clothes, but if you have a lot of students, singles, and transients as customers, consider providing drying-time suggestions.
  • Be sure to warn customers about the dangers of drying certain items.

Calculate your average drying time to determine how much to charge in total for drying, and calculate the time settings and money required accordingly.

Who Makes The Largest Capacity Dryer?

Anything over 7.0 cubic feet capacity is considered a large-capacity dryer. However, commercial dryers are different beasts with larger capacities. You can easily overextend your commercial drying capacity with a behemoth that can dry 200 pounds of wet laundry. Huebsch offers family-friendly dryers that handle up to 200 pounds with the following features:

  • Concentrated airflow
  • Sealed rims to prevent heat loss
  • Fewer moving parts to reduce maintenance needs
  • High-performance heater box
  • Saves space by fitting through a 36-inch door
  • Available in 30 lb., 35 lb., 50 lb., 55 lb., 75 .lb, 120 .lb, 170 .lb and 200 pound capacities for commercial laundry and housekeeping services

How Much Does A Commercial Coin Operated Dryer Cost?

Commercial dryers run between $900 and $20,000 each, and you should plan on spending much more than that for multiple units (like furnishing your laundromat). Additionally, it is advised to get a package deal from one supplier to help cut costs. Small operations might do fine with just one of two dryers that can operate continuously if required.

We’re always happy to answer your laundry-related or brokerage and laundromat marketing questions to the best of our ability.

Heavy-Duty Commercial Coin-Operated Dryer

At ACE Commercial Laundry, we are an authorized Huebsch coin-operated dryer supplier to the Southern California area. We provide high-quality commercial laundry equipment with modern features like coinless payments. Our mission and core concept is to take good care of our customers to earn repeat business. At ACE Commercial Laundry Equipment, we ensure to provide an unrivaled level of quality laundromat equipment, products, and customer service to our clients.


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